May Rocks Monthly Planner!

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may monthly planner cover

May Rocks Monthly Planner

I am so sorry for posting about the May Rocks monthly planner so late. I usually try to share upcoming products two or three weeks before they are active. I dropped the ball and hope you had a chance to grab it before I could write about it. Even if you didn’t, there is still time to order.

What I love the most about all of the monthly planners I designed is that they are evergreen. This means, if you want, they can be used again and again each year. Why is this the case? Because I didn’t add the days of the week or the year to the books. And, if you bought the February planner, you already know there is a page for Leap Year even though 2022 didn’t have a February 29.

Also, if you know the saying “April showers bring May flowers” then you will know what inspired the cover for the May monthly planner. I did that for every month’s cover. Fast forward to July, I chose lemons because it is a great month to drink lemonade and other citrusy drinks. Clever, right?

May is a fabulous month to start using one of the planners I created. You will be able to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, teacher appreciation week, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day celebration, Memorial Day activities, and anything else you have planned.

Please keep an eye out for upcoming posts. Tomorrow, I will be sharing a fun journal you can give to your kids’ teachers – if applicable – to show your appreciation for how hard they work. You might even consider giving it to a teacher friend or if you are a teacher, get it for yourself.

I also have a couple journals available for Mother’s Day that are meant to be shared with their daughter(s). In fact, one was inspired by my own daughter. My nickname for her is “little lady” so I used that in the title of the journal. The interior pages are fun and unique. There is space to write, draw, and color.

If you don’t want to wait until those posts go live, you are welcome to visit my author page – Momma3J Books – on Amazon at any time. There are more than 60 journals and planners available to purchase. You can buy them for yourself or give them as gifts. I have done exactly both of those things.

Yes, I do buy and, more importantly, use my own journals and planners but I have also ordered them to give to friends and family for birthday gifts and Christmas too.

TIP: For a birthday gift, I have given the planner for the month their birthday falls and paired it with one of the monogram journals (the first letter of their first name).

If you have an animal lover in your family, then be sure to read this post about the 12 animal journals I designed.

I hope May brings all of the flowers the April showers helped create. I don’t know about where you live but the Chicago area got a LOT of rain in April. I am more than ready for sunshine and warm weather.

Have a great day and month!

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