Rate Your Day Journal for Teachers

Do your kids love their teachers? Do you love your kids’ teachers?

Did you know Teacher Appreciation Week in 2022 is Monday, May 2nd through Friday, May 6th?

If you are scrambling to find something great and affordable to give them, please consider this journal.

This Rate Your Day with Apple Coloring Pages journal for teachers will make a fun gift. If YOU are a teacher, you could also consider getting it for yourself.

It is perfect or those teachers who want to summarize their classroom days. This journal allows them to rate, color, and vent in a quick and easy way.

Please note: I intentionally created this journal to have six days per week. I know teachers work hard and a lot of hours. I believe Sunday should be a day of rest and hope it encourages teachers to do exactly that.

I would really appreciate your support with purchasing this Rate Your Day journal for teachersYou can find it on Amazon and, if you are a Prime Member, shipping will likely be free. I used a pen name for all of the journals and planners I designed. So, when you see Momma3J Books as the author name, I want you to know that is me.

I hope Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 is good to all of you.

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