June Rocks Planner 1 June Rocks Monthly Planner!
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June Rocks Monthly Planner!

June Rocks Monthly Planner Summer is almost here. Now is a great time to get your June Rocks monthly planner. Start jotting down all of those fun activities and holiday celebrations you have planned! Flag Day in the United States is on June 14. Juneteenth is on Sunday, June 19. However, it will be observed […]

Rate Your Day for Teachers 3 Rate Your Day Journal for Teachers
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Rate Your Day Journal for Teachers

Rate Your Day Journal for Teachers Do your kids love their teachers? Do you love your kids’ teachers? Teacher Appreciation Week in 2024 is Monday, May 6th through Friday, May 10th. If you are scrambling to find something great and affordable to give them, please consider this journal for teachers. This Rate Your Day with

May Rocks Planner May Rocks Monthly Planner!
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May Rocks Monthly Planner!

May Rocks Monthly Planner I am so sorry for posting about the May Rocks monthly planner so late. I usually try to share upcoming products two or three weeks before they are active. I dropped the ball and hope you had a chance to grab it before I could write about it. Even if you

april rocks monthly planner
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April Rocks Monthly Planner!

April Rocks Monthly Planner! I love April! April is one of my favorite months of the year. Spring is officially in the air, Easter is often celebrated this month, and my birthday is on the 21st. I am not one to celebrate my birthday all month long but I do look forward to it every

March Rocks Monthly Planner March Rocks Monthly Planner!
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March Rocks Monthly Planner!

March Rocks Monthly Planner March. People say it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb – presumably because of the weather. The month starts during winter and when it ends spring has started. For me, March is one of the longest months. Not just because it has 31 days but because

FebruaryRocksCover e1643491413518 February Rocks Monthly Planner!
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February Rocks Monthly Planner!

February Rocks Monthly Planner I mentioned in an earlier post the opportunity I was given to learn several new things in 2021. One of those things involved designing the interiors and covers for journals and planners on Canva. I also learned how to self-publish them on Amazon. I am thrilled to share the one I

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