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The Daylight Saving Time “debate” is here again. It happens twice every year IF you live in a state that has to Spring Forward or Fall Back. People on social media, my friends, and family discuss whether it is useful or pointless.

Personally, I love it in the Spring and hate it in the Fall. I am a night owl, though. So, the “longer days” make me feel more productive because I stay up later at night.

As it turns out, the lawmakers in Illinois – where I live – are considering putting an end to the bi-annual time changes in our state. I really hope, IF it passes, we stay on the current schedule.

We just moved our clocks forward one hour two days ago. I don’t ever want to change them back. Every time I think about how dark it gets as winter approaches, my mood changes – and not for the better.

So, my inquiring mind wants to know: Do you LOVE IT or HATE IT? Please share your answer and the reason(s) in the comments.

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