10 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages

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Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these 10 easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are designed to bring smiles, laughter, and a touch of magic to your February crafting sessions. Keep reading to check them out!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages

From super simple-yet-adorable heart-shaped paper plate animals to upcycled puzzle piece crafts, I included a great mix of ideas that cater to different interests and skill levels. Plus, every idea below uses materials that you either already have at home or can easily find in a dollar store. 

That said, I did include some recommended supplies that you can find on Amazon. For those, I used affiliate links. So if you decide to buy anything through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Also, in the interest of complete honesty, I used AI to help me create images on this page. I’ve made all of these crafts myself over the years, but I didn’t take pictures at the time.

1. Heart-Shaped Paper Plate Animals

cute paper plates Valentine's Day crafts for kids

How cute are these little paper plate animals? This craft is easy perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.



  1. Cut heart shapes from paper plates and paint them in different colors. 
  2. Use the colored paper to create eyes, noses, mouths, and other animal features.
  3. Decorate with googly eyes and markers.

Voila! You can craft a whole zoo of love in no time with this adorable idea!

2. Crayon Heart Melts

Crayon Heart Melts Valentine's Day crafts for kids

Turn broken crayons into vibrant heart-shaped creations. A colorful and easy way to repurpose old crayons!



  1. Peel crayon wrappers and break into small pieces.
  2. Place crayon pieces in the mold. 
  3. Bake until melted and let cool.

Watch the colors blend together to make beautiful heart-shaped crayons—perfect for little artists!

*If you don’t want to buy molds, you can use old muffin tins to melt the crayons into round shapes, then cut those into heart shapes. Bonus- you can mix and re-melt the scraps to create even more unique colors. 

3. Clay Hearts:

clay hearts valentine's day craft

These little clay hearts are super simple to make and incredibly versatile! Use them as Valentine’s Day ornaments, “love tokens,” or even just as fun little decorations to place on your mantle!


  • Air-dry clay (aka modeling clay)
  • Cookie cutters (you can also use the silicone molds from above)
  • Paint
  • Brushes


  1. Roll out air-dry clay and cut shapes using heart cookie cutters.
  2. Let the clay hearts dry completely.
  3. Paint each heart
  4. Add a small hole for hanging (if using them as Valentine’s Day ornaments)

I love this one because it’s easy enough for teensy tiny tots but versatile enough for older kids to enjoy. In fact, they could make them together. Let your tots roll out the clay and press out the shapes. Then your older kids can paint them!

4. Recycled Puzzle Heart:

valentine's day ornament made from puzzle pieces

This one is a great way to repurpose all of the puzzles with missing pieces!


  • Old puzzle pieces
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Twine


  • Paint puzzle pieces in Valentine’s Day colors
  • Arrange them in heart shapes. You will probably need to cut and “smoosh” pieces to make them fit. That’s totally okay!
  • Glue together.
  • String twine for hanging.

Again, don’t worry if you have to cut the pieces to make them fit into a heart shape. I think that actually makes them look even more charming. The goal is fun, not perfection. Honestly, I think anything that kids make with their own little hands is perfection!

5. DIY Heart Stamps

heart stamps

Make personalized Valentine’s Day cards using homemade heart stamps. A simple and artistic way to spread love!



  1. Cut toilet paper rolls in half.
  2. Shape craft foam into hearts and attach to rolls with glue or tape.
  3. Dip in paint and stamp onto paper.

If you don’t have empty TP rolls, you can attach the foam heart to pretty much anything else. I just like using the TP roll because it’s easy for little hands to hold.

6. Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

mason jar tea light holders

Decorate mason jars to create charming candle holders or storage containers.



  • Tie ribbon around the neck.
  • Place a tea light inside.
  • Use the scrap paper to make little hearts to line the bottom of the jar. You can also add glitter, beads, and pretty much anything else you want.

These are absolutely perfect to use as centerpieces on your table or as mantle decorations. Plus, after Valentine’s Day is over, you can empty out the mason jars and reuse them in other crafts.

7. Heart Garland

paper hearts garland

String together a festive heart garland to add a touch of love to any room. A simple and delightful decoration!


  • Construction paper
  • String
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out heart shapes from construction paper. (See instructions below if you’ve never done this before). 
  2. Punch a hole in each heart.
  3. Thread hearts onto the string.

Hang this charming garland on your walls, mantle ( side note: I don’t have a lot of spare space in my house, so I really go all out on my mantle, which is why I keep mentioning it) or anywhere else you want!

8. Love Potion Slime

 Love Potion Slime

Create a magical love potion slime that provides both entertainment and sensory fun for the kids!


  • Clear glue
  • Borax*
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Heart-shaped confetti


  • Mix clear glue, water, and glitter.
  • Dissolve borax in water separately.
  • Combine the solutions and add heart-shaped confetti.

*If you don’t want to use Borax, here are 15 alternative slime recipes that you can use as your base for this one.

9. Valentine’s Day Bookmark

Valentine's Day bookmarks craft for kids

Encourage a love of reading with a personalized heart-shaped bookmark.


  • Colored cardstock
  • Stickers
  • Glitter glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  • Cut heart shapes from cardstock.
  • Decorate with stickers and glitter glue.
  • Attach a ribbon at the top.

Bookmark crafts are one of my favorites. Even though I do most of my fiction reading on my tablet now, I still read a lot of non-fiction books in physical form. Plus, I’ve always just loved bookmarks. I used to collect them once upon a time when I was a teenager (back when the word “tablet” meant “paper notebook.”)

10. Sweetheart Button Art:

valentine button art

This one is best for older kids, or under extremely strict supervision for little ones. Basically, it’s best for kids who are old enough to know not to eat the buttons. 😀


  • Assorted buttons
  • Heart-shaped canvas (can be made from cardboard, card stock, or actual canvas)
  • Glue


  • Arrange assorted buttons on the canvas to form a big heart shape.*
  • Once satisfied with the design, glue the buttons in place.
  • Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before displaying.

*You can also make a bunch of smaller hearts if you prefer. It’s your craft, anything goes!

There you have it—10 easy and delightful Valentine’s Day crafts that will keep the kids entertained and spread love throughout your home! You can leave now if you want and start your crafting fun. Or, as promised, keep reading to learn how to make paper hearts.

Bonus: How to Make Paper Hearts

paper hearts

Making paper hearts is a simple and fun craft that anyone can do. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

Materials you’ll need:

  • Colored paper or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler (optional)


  1. Choose Your Paper: Select the color or colors of paper you’d like for your hearts. You can use a single color or mix and match for a more vibrant look.
  2. Cut a Square: Start by cutting a square piece of paper. The size depends on how big you want your heart to be. A good starting point is around 4×4 inches (10×10 cm).
  3. Fold in Half: Take your square paper and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Make sure the edges align perfectly.
  4. Create a Triangle: Unfold the paper, and you’ll have a crease forming an X on the paper. Now, fold the paper in half the other way, creating a triangle with the X on the outside.
  5. Fold the Edges: With the triangle pointing down, fold the right and left edges towards the center, aligning them with the central crease. This will create a diamond shape. 
  6. Fold the Bottom: Take the bottom point of the diamond and fold it up towards the center, creating a smaller triangle.
  7. Fold Again: Fold the two bottom corners of the triangle up to meet the top point, forming a smaller diamond shape.
  8. Create the Heart Shape: Holding the diamond shape, cut a curve along the top, following the natural shape of the paper. This will create the rounded top of your heart. 
  9. Unfold and Enjoy: Carefully unfold the paper, and you’ll reveal your heart shape! You can make adjustments to the folds if needed.

I hope you have a blast with these Valentine’s Day crafts! If you make any of them, leave a comment below letting me know which one you tried!

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