2 Printable April Fool’s Day Activities

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One of my favorite things to create for my Etsy shop, Momma3J Printables, are the printable word list worksheets and word search puzzles for holidays and other special occasions. These April Fool’s Day activities are no exception. They are a fun way to give the kids something to do and learn a few things at the same time.

April Fool’s Day Word List Worksheet

April Fool’s day is April 1st. This printable word list worksheet is a great tool to use during a vocabulary lesson. Building a word list by using letters from a longer word or phrase is a fun way to expand a child’s word bank.

April Fools Day Word List Listing Pic 2 Printable April Fool's Day Activities

April Fool’s Day Word Search Puzzle

I had so much fun creating this word search puzzle. I actually enjoy making all of the word search puzzles in my Etsy shop but this one is special. I say that because I can appreciate a good, harmless prank. That is the goal of this word search. If you love to prank your family and friends (without making them cry), please consider using this puzzle.

It is family friendly so anyone can play. If you are a parent, give it to your kids. If you are a teacher, share it with your students. Please read the listing description for more details.

April Fools Day Word Search Listing Pic 2 Printable April Fool's Day Activities

If you have seen my other blog posts that feature printable party games, you might notice I have not created a memory game for April Fool’s Day. That was intentional. I may change my mind and design one at a later date but, for now, I will stick with the word list worksheet and word search puzzle.

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Want more printables that you can download for some instant fun? I have plenty for you to choose from including these five for Mother’s Day. Visit the shop to find a few for Earth Day, Easter, and Father’s Day.

Have a great day and happy shopping!

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