June Rocks Monthly Planner!

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June Rocks Planner 1 June Rocks Monthly Planner!

June Rocks Monthly Planner

Summer is almost here. Now is a great time to get your June Rocks monthly planner. Start jotting down all of those fun activities and holiday celebrations you have planned!

Flag Day in the United States is on June 14.

Juneteenth is on Sunday, June 19. However, it will be observed as a national holiday on Monday, June 20th. Government offices, banks, post offices, etc will be closed.

Father’s Day 2024 also falls on June 16. The year my middle son, AJ, was born happened to be Father’s Day. It is weird to him that his birthday and the holiday don’t fall on the same day each year.

First day of Summer is June 21st. One of my (many) favorite days of the year. I love it because we have the most hours of daylight. This day also makes me a bit sad because it means the days begin to get “shorter” all the way until December 21 when we experience the shortest day of the year. I know there is a difference of opinion when it comes to Daylight Saving Time versus Standard Time. I think it goes without saying I am Team Daylight Saving Time. I am really hoping changing the clocks back and forth (Fall Back, Spring Forward) comes to an end soon. Ideally, stopping when we are on DST.

As I mentioned above, AJ’s 17th birthday is in June too! I am planning a brief, dedicated post for him similar to the one I did for my oldest son when we celebrated his milestone birthday. He turned 18 in March. I will also make sure he has a day filled with most, if not all, of his favorite things.

One of my nieces is graduating from 8th Grade while the other is graduating from high school. So far, we know one of them has planned their graduation party for June.

That is what my family has planned, so far, for June. I am looking forward to adding more fun things to the monthly planner. I think it goes without saying that all of my work appointments, assignments, and other important tasks are written down too.

Have a great month (June)!

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