February Rocks Monthly Planner!

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FebruaryRocksCover February Rocks Monthly Planner!

February Rocks Monthly Planner

I mentioned in an earlier post the opportunity I was given to learn several new things in 2021. One of those things involved designing the interiors and covers for journals and planners on Canva. I also learned how to self-publish them on Amazon. I am thrilled to share the one I created for next month: my February Rocks Monthly Planner.

My favorite things about this planner are the pretty cover with a Valentine’s Day theme, large print, plenty of space to write, and neither a year nor the days of the week are included. That means, you can keep ordering it every year and not have to worry if the dates correspond with the right day. And, for those with a Leap Year birthday, I hope you will be happy to know February 29th is included in the planner whether the current year has one or not.

If you like to plan in advance, planners for every month of the year are already published and available to purchase. My “author name” is Momma3J Books. I haven’t edited my author page yet but will soon. In the meantime, you can view the 60+ journals and planners by clicking on my author name (in this paragraph) or under the title of each listing (on Amazon).

Future posts will highlight more of the journals and planners I designed. I would also like to share everything I have learned. A “how to” design covers and interiors so that you can self-publish your own books will be coming soon.

Have a great day!

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