Easy O-FISH-ALLY A TEENAGER Handmade Gift for a 13-Year-Old

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Crafting a memorable gift for a new teen doesn’t have to be complicated. Dive into this simple yet charming O-Fish-Ally a Teenager handmade gift idea. It is perfect for celebrating your 13-year-old’s milestone with a splash of creativity and fun – especially if they love fishing.

o-fish-ally a teenager handmade gift

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How to Make O-Fish-Ally a Teenager Handmade Gift

We made this quick and easy painted canvas panel for one of my daughter’s friends.

Supplies Needed

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  • Paint the canvas panel with blue acrylic paint. Don’t forget the edges all the way around the board.
  • Take the wet paper towel (or damp cloth) and lightly move it across the panel so a little bit of the white shows through.
  • Your vinyl cutting machine should have a design software included. Use that to create your design: the phrase, fish, etc.
  • Cut the design.
  • Use transfer tape to add it to the canvas board when the paint is dry.
  • Add one or two coats of mod podge to seal the design.


  • Acrylic paint doesn’t take long to dry. I recommend waiting 10 minute before putting on a second coat (if necessary).
  • If you don’t have a machine that cuts vinyl, stencils and stickers work great too!
  • Sign the back of the canvas panel just like any artist would!
  • Adding a frame is optional.

This simple canvas panel DIY project is one of our favorite “themed” gifts to make. I hope it will be yours too.

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