Children Can Learn the Colors of the Rainbow in “Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise”

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Pearls Secret Rainbow Room Front Cover 1 Children Can Learn the Colors of the Rainbow in "Pearl's Secret Rainbow Room Surprise"

“Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise”

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I am very excited to announce I achieved my lifelong dream of publishing a children’s book! More than 30 years in the making, I think I am still in shock this has finally happened. My first, self-published children’s book, “Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise” is now available on Amazon!

Join Pearl and her fellow feline friends as they make their way through the rainbow house. Each room is one color of the rainbow but there is a secret rainbow room they’ve never seen. What surprise will they discover inside that room? I hope you will purchase the book to find out the answer.

Last year, thanks to my friend at When Is Dinner?, I took an online course on how to publish no- and low-content books on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) using Canva – a really awesome online design tool. I have 60+ journals and planners available in a variety of styles I designed and self-published under the name Momma3J Books. I knew this was going to be my gateway to learning how to self-publish children’s books too.

In addition to the course I took last year, I started following a YouTube channel, My Freedom Empire, that taught me how to design even more on Canva. It is also through Caroline I heard about the Children’s Book Creator course which is taught by another YouTube channel I follow, The Home Boss. Her name is Nuria. In less than 10 days, I was able to take the course, write, illustrate, and self-publish my first children’s book!

If you have a dream to self-publish your own children’s books, this is an affiliate link to the Children’s Book Creator course I took. I would not recommend this course if I didn’t 100% feel it helped me to reach my dream. In fact, I was so excited to take this course, I completed it in 12 hours!

I decided to use a pen name for this book because I plan to write books for other genres and would like to keep each author name separate.

Now that I have the basic tools I need to self-publish children’s books, I am looking forward to start working on the second one. I hope you will follow along to see what else I create.

If YOU decide to take the Children’s Book Creator course, I would love to hear how it helped you publish your first book!

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