12 Animal Journals Waiting To Be Your Best Friend!

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If you or someone you know love animals and love to write, consider joining those two loves with my line of animal journals. Creative writing is a passion of mine so I designed 12 journals specifically for the animal loving people who adore them. I will be adding more soon so please check back often.

Animal Journal Covers Blog Post 12 Animal Journals Waiting To Be Your Best Friend!

I have several part time jobs. One of them – probably my favorite – is designing printable products for my Etsy shop – Momma3J Printables – and adding to my line of journals and planners on Amazon. My author name there is Momma3J Books.

I especially love this series of animal journals because they were inspired by people I actually know who love these animals in particular. My daughter’s favorite animal is the red panda. so, I designed the red panda journal for her. A friend of hers and one of my sons love turtles (and tortoises). Don’t get me started on all of the people I know who love cats, dogs, horses, chickens, and goats. I personally love peacocks and penguins. I haven’t created a penguin journal YET but it is definitely on my list to make for sure!

I hope you will take a look and grab one (or a few) for the people in your lives who love animals so much they consider them to be their best friends. I can honestly say I know people who would much rather “hang out with” animals than other people. These journals would be perfect for them.

12 Animal Journals Waiting to Be Your Best Friend

The animal journals currently available to order are in the photo above (from left to right):

  1. My Best Friend is a Cat Journal
  2. My Best Friend is a Chicken Journal
  3. My Best Friend is a Cow Journal
  4. My Best Friend is a Dog Journal
  5. My Best Friend is a Giraffe Journal
  6. My Best Friend is a Goat Journal
  7. My Best Friend is a Horse Journal
  8. My Best Friend is a Parrot Journal
  9. My Best Friend is a Peacock Journal
  10. My Best Friend is a Red Panda Journal
  11. My Best Friend is a Tiger Journal
  12. My Best Friend is a Turtle Journal

Do you have a favorite animal? If it’s not in the list above and you would like me to create an animal journal for you, please comment below and I will reply with the link when it is ready to order.

I really appreciate your support!

Have a great day and happy writing!

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